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Race to the North Pole

Race to the North Pole

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Ahoy, adventurer! The Arctic is merciless: Your expedition team has to endure the unforgiving wilderness, the unexpected weather and the other fame hungry teams. Only one will be remembered as the conqueror of the North Pole. If you think you can adapt the ever-changing harsh conditions better than the others, start gearing up — the race is on! Race to the North Pole features a unique rotating board that simulates the Arctic, and this design has deep strategical elements that make every playthrough exciting and challenging. The game includes a free app that gives players loads of new content and mechanisms to use with the game through their smart devices.

Extra Info

Ages: 7 and up
Designer: Jouni Jussila, Tomi Vainikka
Time: 30 - 60 minutes
Year: 2015
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