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The Sage's Most Wanted

Cardfight Vanguard
Weiss Schwars

Buylist Instructions

Condition Standards:

Card conditions are subjective and grading often prone to disagreement. We try to err on the side of caution. We use the following guidelines in grading cards:

• M/NM: Cards rated Mint or Near-Mint will have seen minimal handling. For cards from newer sets, this usually means from pack to binder. It will almost certainly mean they have been continually sleeved. For cards from older sets, especially white-bordered cards, there may be some aging apparent (discoloration) but the card itself will be in excellent condition (no marks, creases, etc.). Foils in this category should be shiny and without surface wear.

• LP: Cards rated Light Play wll have seen some play and/or handling, perhaps with a few nicks or rubbed corners. Surfaces may show some wear and foils may have lost some of their original luster.

• MP: Cards rated Moderately Played will show wear and usage, perhaps with minor damage (a small crease, an abrasion, several nicks, etc.). Foils will be dull or look oily.

• HP: Cards rated Heavily Played will show significant wear and usage, though they are likely still playable in competitive formats.

• D: Cards rated Damaged will have damage that may affect play (such as tears, heavy creases, missing text, etc.); they will likely only be playabe in casual formats.


The Sage’s Bulk Buy Rates (M/NM):

 Only Cash prices apply to Bulk Rates. Credit will be awarded at Cash prices, if Credit option is selected:

Bulk Magic: the Gathering FOIL Rares: $0.05 each

Bulk Magic: the Gathering FOIL Mythic Rares: $0.25 each

Bulk Magic: the Gathering Rares: $0.05 each

Bulk Magic: the Gathering Mythic Rares: $0.10 each

Bulk Magic: the Gathering Promotional Cards: $0.05 each

Bulk Magic: the Gathering FOIL Commons/Uncommons/Basic Land: $0.01 each

Bulk Magic: the Gathering Commons/Uncommons: $0.00125 each (8 for a penny/800 for $1.00)

Bulk Magic: the Gathering Basic Lands: $0.001 each (1000 for $1.00)

Bulk Magic: the Gathering Distributed Mixed Types: $0.002 each (500 for $1.00)

Bulk Cardfight!! Vanguard Commons/Rares: $0.00125 each (8 for a penny/800 for $1.00)

Bulk WeißSchwarz Commons/Rares: $0.00125 each (8 for a penny/800 for $1.00)

Bulk Yu-Gi-Oh! Commons/Rares: $0.001 (10 for a penny/1000 for $1.00)

Bulk Force of Will Rares: $0.10 each

Bulk Force of Will Commons/Uncommons: $0.00125 each (8 for a penny/800 for $1.00)

Bulk HeroClix Commons/Rares: $0.01 (100 for $1.00)

All cards submitted should be Mint/Near Mint in condition. Any card that arrives and is downgraded will receive credit at the lowest rate (or be returned at owner's expense)--please be aware of your cards’ condition when submitting them. Also, please sort all bulk submissions by type (as above) and have them ready for processing; if the Sage’s staff must sort and/or grade to price your cards, our normal handling fees may be applied at our discretion. Please include a note if such would help explain any irregularity in your submission.


Handling Fees:

Under certain conditions, Handling Fees may be applied to your submission:

• Any collection that is received that does not conform to Buylist instructions for sorting and arrangement will receive a 20% deduction of value.

• Any collection that is received without a Buylist approval will be charged a sorting and appraisal fee at the rate of $20.00 per hour to be deducted from final determined value. 



It is assumed that any materials (boxes, binders, sleeves, etc.) submitted with your cards are included at no value added and become the property of The Sage’s Shoppe without further claim. Any item submitted that should be returned to its owner should be clearly noted.

All returns will be made at owner’s expense.