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Pot of Avarice - DR04-EN097 - Ultra Rare - Unlimited Edition

Pot of Avarice - DR04-EN097 - Ultra Rare - Unlimited Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. 'Pot of Avarice' targets 5 monsters in your Graveyard. You cannot activate it you do not have 5 or more monsters in your Graveyard. If any of the 5 monsters targeted by 'Pot of Avarice' are removed from the Graveyard before its effect resolves, for example by 'Disappear' or 'Call of the Haunted', then the entire effect of 'Pot of Avarice' disappears. You do not shuffle the other monsters into your Deck and you do not draw 2 cards. You can target Fusion Monsters and/or Synchro Monsters in your Graveyard for 'Pot of Avarice' and they will be returned to your Extra Deck. You can chain 'Serial Spell' to 'Pot of Avarice'. You select 5 targets for 'Pot of Avarice', and then when you chain 'Serial Spell' you must select 5 targets. You can select the same monsters, but if you do this then 'Serial Spell' will resolve first and shuffle some monsters back into the Deck, and then when the original 'Pot of Avarice' tries to resolves, there aren't enough monsters left so it will not resolve. Monster Cards you discard from your hand for the cost of 'Serial Spell' can be selected as targets for the 'Serial Spell' copy of 'Pot of Avarice'. [Re: Transmigration Break] You cannot activate 'Pot of Avarice' while 'Transmigration Break' is active.
Passcode: 67169062
Set: Dark Revelations 4
Card Number: DR04-EN097
Monster Type:
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Attribute: Spell
Card Text: Select 5 Monster Cards from your Graveyard, then add them to your Deck and shuffle it. After that, draw 2 cards.
Card Type: Normal Spell
Name: Pot of Avarice
Edition: Unlimited