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Physical Address:
The Sage's Shoppe Gaming and Tournament Center
1009 Sagamore Parkway West
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Mailing Address:

The Sage's Shoppe Gaming and Tournament Center
PO Box
West Lafayette, IN 47996


t/f: 765.463.4841



The Genesis of The Sage's Shoppe

The Sage's Shoppe began as a concept in the mind of a young man in the days before the magic of the Internet, personal computing and big box stores. This idea was to provide a communal space where friends and family could gather to pursue their table-top gaming adventures with access to the best resources available.

This concept was a long time to fruition. For a short while, The Sage's Shoppe was run as a mail-order business for the Sage and his friends from a PO Box in rural Indiana. Then other demands of life called, and for a decade the idea was set aside while education and family committments occupied his attentions; but at the turn of the century, the stars aligned and The Sage's Shoppe was reborn, this time as a store in the then nascent marketplace that was e-Bay.

In 2007, an opportunity to open a physical store in West Lafayette, Indiana, presented itself to the Sage and, with the help of friends and family, he launched The Sage's Shoppe Gaming and Tournament Center, the present iteration of his concept. The Sage's Shoppe GTC is a family owned and operated table-top gaming store based in West Lafayette, Indiana. It stocks the best in miniatures, paint and other hobby supplies, as well as board games, collectible card games, role playing games and other staples of the adventure gaming hobby. The staff is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced gamers; they aim to give the gaiming community the best experience to be found, which means not only the best products, but also the best service as well, and both in a comfortable and inviting environment.


 Meet our Staff:

The Sage: Chad Fauber grew up playing board games and Dungeons & Dragons (and dreaming of having someone to play miniature war games with him!) near Marion, Indiana, from which he graduated from Oak Hill High School. He next attended Purdue University, where he majored in History and Economics, graduating summa cum laude in 1994 (BA) and 1995 (BS) respectively as the Outstanding Senior in each program. He then obtained a degree in History from the University of Illinois in 1997 (MA) and later a degree in Social Sciences with a concentration on the Ancient Mediterranean from the University of Chicago in 2002 (PhD). In 2007, he left academia to pursue opportunities in the private sector. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three children and reside in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he administers Business As Unusual and All Things Gaming as the General Manager of The Sage's Shoppe and of Sage Productions, the parent company of The Sage's Shoppe. He is the creator of the high fantasty world of Ærth™, which he is currently redeveloping for publication and role play.

Specialties: Miniature War Gaming; Graphic Design; Print Publication and Editing; Game Design; Event Management; Gaming Industry; Retail Sales; Business Marketing and Promotions; Business Finance; Business Administration; Community Relations; Ancient Mediterranean Society

Chief Operating Gnome and Master Tinker: Michael Costello (Manager of The Sage's Shoppe)

Gnome Extraordinaire: Gary Yoways (Assistant Manager of The Sage's Shoppe)

Gnome: Brian Schulze (The Sage's Shoppe Staffer and Event Organizer)

Gnome: Max Li (The Sage's Shoppe Staffer)

Gnome: Evan Leuck (The Sage's Shoppe Staffer)